New Bookshelf review from Vince! The War Against the Assholes by Sam Munson

I’m sure I won’t be the first to look at the title of Sam Munson’s urban fantasy tale and cringe a bit. However, for me a bit of that cringe is hoping that people won’t be immediately turned off, mistaking the bold, yellowcoloured obscenity on the cover as an indicator that this is a book hoping to trade on sassy shock value in place of literary substance. In fact, the opposite is true, and there is a lot to like in Munson’s naughtily named novel.

The book follows the tale of Mike Wood, a teenage high school quarterback used to solving problems with muscle. In perhaps the most socially conscious use of blackmail I’ve seen, Mike is tricked by the nerdy loner of the school, Hob Callahan, into READING (*insert gasp*). The title of choice is a mysterious book called The Calendar of Sleights, a seemingly innocuous guide to a library of cards tricks. In actuality, it is a cleverly disguised litmus test for whether an individual has the talent for actual sorcery. Read review–>