Seeing What Sticks w/ Vince and Nick – Episode 02 – Daredevil, Dark Souls, and Diversions

Holy crap! There’s an episode 2 of this? That’s right, folks! Nick and Vince catch up on the past 8 months and talk Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Daredevil Season 2, as well as a cavalcade of comedic tangents to keep you entertained!


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Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 26: Sansa vs. Quelaag

James dons his sword, shield, and trusty paper bag as he approaches the climactic boss battle with Chaos Witch Quelaag!

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Hand of Fate – 01: The Most Dangerous Game

James and Vince find out what happens with Magic: The Gathering gets REAL when they check out indie deck-building/third-person brawler title, Hand of Fate!

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 24: Pinwheels for Everyone

James reaches the ground floor of the Catacombs and deals with the many-faced master of Necromancy who lies within… today on C&L!

Inside the Locker: Shady Deals and the Judo Temple

Vince returns to break down three bouts from UFC 184! Despite being short fights, there’s no shortage of fun, geeky details to dissect! You can skip to 41:47 for the MMA action, but consider checking out the rest of the show for sports geek mayhem such as a roundtable rant on the trading of LeSean McCoy to the Bills ending an era, and what TV shows ALSO marked the end of an era in entertainment. Click through the link in the picture to enjoy!

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Far Cry 3, Episode 2: Second Time’s The Charm

“I’m not failing. I’m succeeding at finding ways that don’t work.”

This week on C&L, Vince is at the reins, and. well…. you’ll see. Might want to turn down your speakers for this one, folks. #masterofstealth

Vince featured on Bookshelf Reviews! –> The Fighter’s Mind

Hey guys, I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured on local Guelph bookstore/cinema “The Bookshelf”, with my review of Sam Sheridan’s The Fighter’s Mind. You can find it under blogs and reviews at their site, or even easier, just follow the link on the image below. Happy reading!

Because I Feel Like It Reviews: Prototype 2

Back in 2009, Radical Entertainment released Prototype: an open-world action game dripping with schadenfreude potential which was more than willing to bathe in the blood of its own violent indulgence. As you mow down crowds full of pedestrians and literally eat people both to further the story and to restore your health/get stronger, Prototype 1 made no mistake about what it was: the world’s first supervillain sim. Despite a number of different flaws which kept it from being truly great, Prototype was a very fun game. Fast-forward to 2012, and Radical has released a sequel, Prototype 2, which, if it can be summed up in a single statement, it would be “more of the same”, with all of the good and bad that entails.

Prototype 2 returns to virus-stricken New York a year after the outbreak of the Mercer Virus from the first game. You play as Sgt. James Heller, a black ops soldier who lost his family during the outbreak, now seeking revenge against Alex Mercer, the man behind releasing the virus (and, spoiler, your protagonist from the first game). However, in a twist of fate, Mercer catches Heller, endowing him with the same powers he possesses as part of a plan to take down the pharmaceutical company Gentech, as well as Blackwatch, the paramilitary group associated with them.

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