Geekly World News – March 14, 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of Geekly World News, our round-up of all the biggest news from the world of comics, video games, movies, and more.

A new trailer is out for Captain America: Civil War and it features our first look at Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man. It’s a very brief glimpse, but I really like what I see so far. Spider-Man is my favourite superhero, and I can’t wait to see this new Marvel Studios version of the character hang out on the big screen with the rest of the Avengers. The movie comes out on May 6, and I’ll be doing everything in my power to be there for the first showing.

WARNING: Graphic Content – Episode 5: Marvel and Image, Image and Marvel

The triumphant triad of Noah, Vince, and Sandy return this week to catch up on some of our favorite comic book related stuff. This episode, we cover a number of promising Image titles including Luther Strode, Chew, and Hoax Hunters, Noah and Vince geek out over Atomic Robo and why you should be reading it, and Sandy does the impossible: convincing Vince to read a crossover event (*GASP*), Marvel’s Infinity. Click through to check it out!

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WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Episode 5 – Avengers vs X-Men and Superior Spidey #1


This week, we mark the return of The Rogues’ Gallery’s best (and only) comic book podcast, as Noah and Sandy take the reins and discuss the lead up to and fallout of the Avengers vs X-Men crossover, and talk about what happens when Doc Ock gets to joyride around in the body of Peter Parker in the inaugural issue of the new Superior Spider-Man series from Marvel NOW!
Enjoy, and please be sure to give us your feedback in the comments below!

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THWIP-THWIP!! 2-for-1 with The Amazing Spider-Man Movie and Game Reviews!

It’s a double dose of everyone’s favorite webhead as, first, Sandy, Vince, and Noah, together with newcomer James, take on the Marc Webb’s take on your friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler:

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Secondly, new site contributor Nick H. gives us his review of the movie’s tie-in video game title! You’ll find his review by clicking on the image below:


-The Rogues’ Gallery

Game Review – The Amazing Spider-Man: Amazing, or Just So-So?

Hey all! Nick H. here is a brand spankin’ new voice on the site, and he’ll be covering the video game end of things going forward from here. He’s a really funny guy with a lot of interesting insight on games from both the player and the business/marketing perspective, and we look forward to seeing more from him. Now, onto the review!

With most summer blockbusters a game of questionable quality is sure to follow, most being dismissed as rushed shovelware.  But Spider-Man has dodged this bullet many times in the past; the first Sam Raimi movie was followed by a game that harkened back to the PS1 games, improving upon those gameplay mechanics by improving their combat system, and adding aerial combat. Spider-Man 2 managed to provide the most interesting evolution of web slinging, baddie thumping gameplay by providing players with a fairly accurate representation of New York City to swing around at your leisure (or breakneck speeds). Spider-Man 3? Spider-Man 3 was trash. Now, we have The Amazing Spider-Man, released to coincide with the webslinger’s latest reboot. But does the game manage to be truly amazing, or should the box be re-labeled The Kind of Alright Spider-Man?

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This Week on The Rogues’ Gallery: An avalanche of cartoon, TV, and summer movies, plus Sandy and Noah review Cabin In The Woods!

Here at the Rogues’ Gallery, we commit ourselves to only get angry about the things that REALLY matter. So this week, we throw down on such important issues as Bane’s pimp coat, Battleship, and eviscerating the war crime that is Ultimate Spiderman. Check it!

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Running time: 01:32:52

Young Justice (0m51s-10m35s)

Community (10m35s-13m30s)

Sandy and Noah’s Cabin In The Woods Review (13m38s-21m05)

Avengers Cartoon (21m05s-24m38s)

Nick, Noah and Sandy discuss Game of Thrones Season 2 (24m38s-32m13s)

Nick takes on the Diablo III Beta! (32m13s-39m37s)

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Redux (39m37s-50m03s)

Noah and Vince tear Ultimate Spider-Man A New One (50m03s-1h03m31s)

Summer Movie Extravaganza!! Amazing Spider-Man, Men In Black 3, Dark Knight Rises, and Battleship (1h03m31s-End)