Heavy Meta – The Death of the Lone Hero


Vince marks the return of Heavy Meta with a discussion on whether the ability to bench press a bus or smell a man’s cologne from three floors down gives a hero the right to make decisions for others. Click through the image to read the article!


The Long Road: The Portrayal Of First Peoples In Video Games (Guest Blog by Former TRG Guest, Shanleigh)

Ever since video games became something even resembling mainstream, there’s been a lot of discussion about whether they’re bad for the people who play them. Games have been blamed for everything from poor eyesight, to ADD, and even rises in gun violence. Anyone who’s gamed for any significant period dismisses these concerns outright.

However, games don’t exist in a vacuum. They, like other forms of art and entertainment, are part of a give-and-take conversation we have with society. One often overlooked aspect of this conversation is the one non-Native people have about the First Peoples of North America.

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