Geek Spiel – Guilty Pleasures, Wrongly Accused: Why “Fun” Shouldn’t Be An Apology

Picture this scenario: you’ve just finished seeing your favorite big, summer blockbuster in theatres, and decide to meet up with some friends after. When asked what movie you saw, you tell them, only to receive looks similar to if you spontaneously grew a head out of your armpit that began singing broadway show tunes. The average opinion within your cadre is that said movie was crappy at best, and “utter trashdick” (hey, their words, not mine) at worst. For several minutes, to try in futility to defend the things you found good about it, but after being driven back by hordes of cynical derision, you relent to your only remaining weapon:

“Aww, c’mon guys, it was FUN…”

I think it’s reasonable to say that at some point, most of us have encountered a similar situation. You reveal one of your “guilty pleasures”, be it your love of low-budget 80s action films, the secret ABBA playlist that shall never be named, or that stack of Vampire Diaries books on your shelf, and eventually reach the point where you acquire that telltale, self-effacing pout in your voice, and do the social equivalent of a wolf rolling over onto its back in order to appease a series of snarling, geeky maws.

"C'mon guys, I know the acting was bad, but Megan Fox was hot, right? Right? Guys?"

“C’mon guys, I know the acting was bad, but Megan Fox was hot, right? Right? Guys?”

But since when did “fun” become a white flag?

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Vince featured on Bookshelf Reviews! –> The Fighter’s Mind

Hey guys, I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured on local Guelph bookstore/cinema “The Bookshelf”, with my review of Sam Sheridan’s The Fighter’s Mind. You can find it under blogs and reviews at their site, or even easier, just follow the link on the image below. Happy reading!

Vince featured on Bookshelf Reviews!!

Vince recently put finger to word processor to take a look at Brian Harkaway’s take on the problems which face us as we wade deeper into the digital age, in The Blind Giant: Being Human in The Digital Age!!

Click through the image below to check it out!

Geek Spiel: Growing Up Gamer – Gaming And Adolescent Identity Part 1–> The Why

Anyone who has been through adolescence knows it’s sometimes not the most fun place to be. Teens face growing expectations of personal responsibility, conflicting with the lack of freedom that comes from still living at home. Every day, they also deal with pressure to conform to fairly arbitrary social standards, set down by peers who are every bit the bubbling, boiling cauldron of hormones that they are. Unfortunately, this could not come at a worse time. As we enter high school, so much of what occupies our minds has to do with change, and not just the physical kind. A fundamental part of puberty is the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-discovery: finding out what our passions and preferences are; artistically, professionally, personally, sexually. But the real-life, day-to-day environment that a teen exists in is not often welcoming to this kind of experimentation, or deviations from the norm in general.

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Geek Spiel w/ Vince: “A Waiting Room That Doesn’t Suck” – How The Internet Can Help Those Dealing With Mental Illness

DISCLAIMER: In a bit of a switch, we’ll be covering some pretty heavy subject matter on the blog this week. I chose this topic because it means a lot to me, but I figured that it was relevant to the interests of the folks who usually tune in and so posted it here. I hope this spurs some interesting debate, but as always, if you want to comment, let’s keep it clean and no low blows. Enjoy.

Despite society seeing significant advances in clinical psychology, mental illnesses are still often associated with some deficiency of character. The social withdrawal which follows the shame and fear such norms promote can worsen those same illnesses, and so large numbers of disorders go undiagnosed and untreated, leaving patients to suffer in silence for fear of social ostracism.

^More accurate than you think.

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