Vince makes his Fight Correspondent Debut on Inside the Locker!

Does what it says on the tin! The Rogues have finally gotten sick enough of Vince bringing up UFC all the damn time, that he’s had to take his acumen for fight breakdowns over to One of Us for his recurring segment, The Corner Man.

Inside the Locker is a sports podcast BY geeks, FOR geeks, hosted by veteran web writer and all around super-cool dude, Brian Salisbury, as well as Adam Charles and Elliot Fontinette, breaking down the news and stories from both the geek and sports worlds in one whirlwind of hilarity. Click through the link to check it out!

The Rogues’ Gallery Podcast – E3 2014, now with 100% more Nick H!

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Nick H joins Sandy and Vince via Skype to discuss the ups and downs of E3 2014, as well as to give their top 3 games of the conference. Check it out, let us know your thoughts on the show, and toss a Like our way on our Facebook Page!

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The Rogues’ Gallery Podcast: Comeback Potpourri!!!

To kick off 2014, Sandy, Shan & Vince started talking and somewhere along the line, Vince hit the record button. PROFESSIONALISM!!! The result is one of the most scattershot episodes we’ve had, though we still had tons of fun.

To get an idea of the arsenal of topics we discussed on this episode:

  • Komodo Dragons, Pursuit Predation and why humans are actually fucking terrifying.
  • Our favorite ’90s animated series that we’d like to see get a remake
  • Shan and Vince duke it out over Pacific Rim
  • Sandy and Vince drop some knowledge on the history of Green Arrow and The Comics Code circa 1960’s-1970’s
  • The Rogues talk Gal Gadot getting cast as Wonder Woman, and whether the addition of a third hero might be the downfall of the Batman/Superman movie
  • And much, much more!!
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Speaking of the ’90’s, here’s some nostalgia for your asses re: the anime AMV boom:


WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Episode 5 – Avengers vs X-Men and Superior Spidey #1


This week, we mark the return of The Rogues’ Gallery’s best (and only) comic book podcast, as Noah and Sandy take the reins and discuss the lead up to and fallout of the Avengers vs X-Men crossover, and talk about what happens when Doc Ock gets to joyride around in the body of Peter Parker in the inaugural issue of the new Superior Spider-Man series from Marvel NOW!
Enjoy, and please be sure to give us your feedback in the comments below!

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The Rogues’ Gallery – News and Post-Holiday Movie Round-Up!!


¬†After returning from Xmas to a Winter Wonderland, the Rogues gather once again to go over all of the cinema, new or old, with which they assaulted their eyeholes in the past month. Also, Y: The Last Man gets a director, and Sandy and Vince watch Noah and James’ souls slowly die while talking about the Pokemon X and Y announcement.

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Hitman Absolution Review, w/ Special Guest Cameron!

Vince talks with fellow game geek, Cameron about the long-awaited latest release in the Hitman franchise.

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On This Episode, The Rogues’ Gallery takes on Books WITHOUT Pretty Pictures!

In the first recording since the Rogues return from summer holiday, they discuss Prototype 2 and the state of the video game industry, and in our second segment, bust out a veritable forest of new books for you to check out. Also, shiny new theme song!

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Opening credit goes to The Diablo Swing Orchestra for their awesome song,¬†“Balrog Boogie.”

THWIP-THWIP!! 2-for-1 with The Amazing Spider-Man Movie and Game Reviews!

It’s a double dose of everyone’s favorite webhead as, first, Sandy, Vince, and Noah, together with newcomer James, take on the Marc Webb’s take on your friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler:

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Secondly, new site contributor Nick H. gives us his review of the movie’s tie-in video game title! You’ll find his review by clicking on the image below:


-The Rogues’ Gallery

The Rogues’ Gallery: Point Five Potluck!

Hey gang, we’ve had our ranks cut a bit this week by illness and midterms. But have no fear! The noble triad of Wes, Vince, and Noah arrive just in time with a bevy of hand-selected topics to whet your Thanksgiving tastes! Enjoy.

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Episode The First! The Rogues’ Gallery vs. The Movie Season of Fall ’11!


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