Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Iron Brigade – 02: Jury Rigging the Third Dimension

Dakota and Vince discuss the generational gamer divide and take solace in the fact that the Mimics from Edge of Tomorrow are getting work on this episode of C&L!

Because I Feel Like It (Guest!) Reviews – Alien Isolation

The Alien is quite possibly the scariest and most brilliantly designed creature in science fiction. It’s deadly, it’s smart, it’s unimaginably violent in its natural life cycle, and it’s all-around pretty freaky-looking. The first Ridley Scott film was a masterful blend of science fiction and pure horror, and it always stuck with me. Its subsequent sequels felt a little lackluster, watching multiple Aliens being killed off by machine gun fire at the hands of some over-the-top space marines. As a result, I was very excited for Alien: Isolation, since everybody told me it was a lot like the first film – one Alien, a dark and dingy space station, and the protagonist trying to stay alive while being hunted by the perfect organism. And oh boy, did it deliver.

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Because I Feel Like It Reviews: Dishonored

 Dishonored is yet another game riding in on the hype train of much-anticipated Fall ’12 releases. While I’ve already expressed my love for other games of this ilk in the way of Borderlands 2, and in the upcoming review of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, I believe that Dishonored deserves a special level of recognition, and not just because its an IP in a season chock-ablock with sequels. It manages to hone the tool of worldbuilding to a razor’s edge, and as a result makes you care about the impact of your decisions in a way only games on the tier of Bioshock and God of War III have managed to. Rather than simply tacking on a “Guess what? You’re evil” ending, you progressively see the world deteriorate around you proportionate to the amount of chaos and destruction you cause. It is for this reason that, while short, Dishonored is one of few games which I feel TRULY merits a second playthrough to experience the full breadth of possibilities, both in gameplay and in progressive worldbuilding, which await your every choice.

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