Inside the Locker: Shady Deals and the Judo Temple

Vince returns to break down three bouts from UFC 184! Despite being short fights, there’s no shortage of fun, geeky details to dissect! You can skip to 41:47 for the MMA action, but consider checking out the rest of the show for sports geek mayhem such as a roundtable rant on the trading of LeSean McCoy to the Bills ending an era, and what TV shows ALSO marked the end of an era in entertainment. Click through the link in the picture to enjoy!

Inside the Locker – The Superbowl of Porn

Vince joins the ITL crew to break down Alexander Gustaffson v. Anthony Johnson as well as Conor McGregor v. Denis Siver. On top of that there’s a whole ton of Superbowl goodness from the one and only sports podcast for geeks. Check it out over at Oneofus,net!


Vince makes his return to Inside the Locker with the Best Fights of 2014!

Annnnnnnd we’re baaaaack!!!

After a brief hiatus, the boys from that smelly gym vestibule retire 2014 and kickoff The Future! Or at least, The Future according to Back to the Future 2…so you know, 2015! We weigh in on some of the bigger sports headlines of the last couple of weeks, react to the college football playoffs thus far, and remember the late great Stuart Scott.

We also get a visit from our Corner Man who helps us select the best fights of 2014,  the winners of our ITL Fantasy Football leagues are announced, we open amazing gifts from a generous fan on the air, and Brian quizzes the other guys on their knowledge of college bowl game sponsors.

Click through the link on the image and enjoy!

Heavy Meta – Let’s Make a Monster

With All Hallow’s Eve right around the corner, Vince turns his ghoulish gaze to monster design, and what makes our favorite ghoulies so unsettling to look at. Click the link to check it out!


Heavy Meta: Reddit, Upvote Culture, and Demented Democracy


Many people call sites like Reddit an idealized democracy, where only the best content (as chosen by users’ upvotes) rises to the top. Vince asks whether this praise is really merited on this week’s Heavy Meta!

Heavy Meta has found a new home on!

In the inaugural edition of Heavy Meta on OOU, Vince leaps to the defense of media that panders to a certain audience. Is this just an annoyance, or a necessary step in helping a wider demographic have a voice? Click through the image below to find out!