The Rogues’ Gallery – Women in Geek Culture… Part TWO!

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We’re not close to done yet, folks! As we realized once we were done recording the first episode, there’s a TON of stuff we didn’t get a chance to cover in our first segment, so you get 100% more geeky, feminist goodness! On this triumphant sequel episode, Alysha sheds some light on the insane demands placed on actors of all genders within the filmmaking industry, and the problems of typecasting and perceived ‘marketability.’

As well, we get into the nitty-gritty discussing the tenuous relationship between video game culture and women, both in the realm of gamer girls, and the portrayal of characters within the games themselves.

The Rogues’ Gallery Podcast – Women in Geek Culture


It’s Ladies’ Night in The Rogues’ Gallery compound, as Sandy, Vince, and Shan are joined by Anne (who has guested before on the Sci-fi and Star Trek episodes) who showers us with glimmering nuggets of wisdom on the unique problems presented to women within geek culture, and media in general.

We’re also lucky enough to have as a guest Alysha Reller: an actor, writer, and director of numerous productions at Buffalo State university, who speaks on the challenges faced as a woman trying to break into the theatre and filmmaking scene.

There isn’t a blurb long enough to cover all the myriad topics we got through, but we had a whole ton of fun recording this one, and hope that you will listening to it.

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