The Dragon’s Hoard Podcast – Episode 5: Marvel TV

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Sandy, Amy and Seth return for episode Number 5 of The Dragon’s Hoard, where they talk about their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for Marvel’s latest forays into television!

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The Rogues’ Gallery Podcast – Salgood Sam Part 2!

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The exciting conclusion of Vince’s interview with journeyman comics author and talented artist Salgood Sam! On this episode, he talks testing for DC, working for Marvel, and the trials and tribulations of working in the comics industry in the ’90s.

Check it out!

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WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Episode 5 – Avengers vs X-Men and Superior Spidey #1


This week, we mark the return of The Rogues’ Gallery’s best (and only) comic book podcast, as Noah and Sandy take the reins and discuss the lead up to and fallout of the Avengers vs X-Men crossover, and talk about what happens when Doc Ock gets to joyride around in the body of Peter Parker in the inaugural issue of the new Superior Spider-Man series from Marvel NOW!
Enjoy, and please be sure to give us your feedback in the comments below!

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Warning Graphic Content: No Tights, No Flights

Some people feel like they’re too GOOD for muscular men in catsuits enacting male power-fantasies! PSHAW, I SAY! But for the sake of indulging them, Noah and Vince trot out some of their favorites from the non-superhero sect of comic books.

You high-falutin’ fancy pantses enjoy, after the jump:

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Warning: Graphic Content – So Kid, You Wanna Read Comics?

For our first rodeo, Noah and Vince knock out a few of our personal favorites that we think provide a good gateway drug into a great medium. Check it! :)

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