Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Far Cry 3 – 17 – Overkill is Underrated

Sandy and Vince tackle the Kick The Hornets Nest mission. Remember kids: don’t do drugs. Especially while sniping. Or on fire. Or both.

Because I Feel Like It Reviews: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

On an emotional level, a game that does some things in an amazing fashion, but utterly drops the ball on others tends to irk me more than a game that’s complete and utter dreck from the get-go. You know what you’re getting with the latter, but the former strings you along, building up the hope that it can bring enough to the table to rise above its faults, only to smash you in the shins with the tire iron of poor game design.

Platinum Games’ Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance epitomizes this problem, and for that reason I’m incredibly divided about it. One the one hand, the swordplay and melee combat is smooth and fun, and the Blade Mode mechanic makes the creative dismantling of enemies satisfying in an artfully gruesome way. For those unfamiliar, by holding L1, MGR allows the stiletto-heeled cyborg assassin Raiden,enter a mode where he can slice enemies into so much cybernetic sashimi. By aiming at certain parts, you can regain health, Blade Energy (which determines how long you can sustain Blade Mode), and even obtain collectibles. The controls aren’t especially complex, and mostly come down to a combination of learning to time enemy attacks in order to Parry/Dodge them, and integrating pauses between pressings of the Square and Triangle Buttons (light & heavy attacks, respectively) to vary your moves and keep combos going.

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