Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid (Far Cry 3) – Episode 3 – Dolores: The Revenge

Just in time to close out 2013, the newest episode of C&L is now live on our YouTube channel! I’m thinking someone upstairs is not a fan of Sandy, because Rook Island is giving him a hell of a time this week…


Because I Feel Like It Reviews: Guacamelee!!

The highest praise that I can give Drinkbox studio’s sidescrolling, Metroid-esque brawler is that it may be the main reason why I start paying a LOT more attention to games coming out on the indie/arcade scene. With deceptively deep and complex combat, an awesome aesthetic, and some really ingenious puzzles, Guacamelee has made me re-evaluate what indie titles have the potential to be.

In it, you play as Juan, a humble agave farmer who secretly pines for the affection of El Presidentes’ daughter. Unfortunately, the sinister Carlos Calaca quickly kidnaps her, planning to use her in a ritual to fuse the worlds of the living and the dead into one. Thus, it is up to Juan, energized with the power of a magical luchadore mask, to defeat Calaca’s armies of undead minions and return El Presidente’s daughter to safety.

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Because I Feel Like It Reviews: Prototype 2

Back in 2009, Radical Entertainment released Prototype: an open-world action game dripping with schadenfreude potential which was more than willing to bathe in the blood of its own violent indulgence. As you mow down crowds full of pedestrians and literally eat people both to further the story and to restore your health/get stronger, Prototype 1 made no mistake about what it was: the world’s first supervillain sim. Despite a number of different flaws which kept it from being truly great, Prototype was a very fun game. Fast-forward to 2012, and Radical has released a sequel, Prototype 2, which, if it can be summed up in a single statement, it would be “more of the same”, with all of the good and bad that entails.

Prototype 2 returns to virus-stricken New York a year after the outbreak of the Mercer Virus from the first game. You play as Sgt. James Heller, a black ops soldier who lost his family during the outbreak, now seeking revenge against Alex Mercer, the man behind releasing the virus (and, spoiler, your protagonist from the first game). However, in a twist of fate, Mercer catches Heller, endowing him with the same powers he possesses as part of a plan to take down the pharmaceutical company Gentech, as well as Blackwatch, the paramilitary group associated with them.

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Nick H polishes up the ol’ double scythes for a review of Darksiders 2!

What do you get when you combine God of War style combat, Prince of Persia style platforming, Zelda style puzzles, and Diablo’s Phat Loot? You get Darksiders 2. Darksiders 2 gives a great first impression with its combat system, it’s platforming, and it’s Swag Chests (the aforementioned phat loot). However, first impressions can be deceiving. As I asked myself what was next, the game was content to continue doing its impression of other games, circling the same track like a disillusioned NASCAR driver undergoing a mid-life crisis. But given the high-calibre of games Darksiders 2 takes its beats from, it can still be a lot of fun.

In Darksiders 2, you play as Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and brother to War (protagonist of the first game).  You follow Death as he tries to save War, following War’s accidental summoning the apocalypse (whoops!) in the first game. Wait, is this supposed to be after the first game? During? All I know, is that War is lost and Death wants to find him/save him because of the events of the first game, which may be happening during the second game. Before?

Alright. I’ll level with you. I couldn’t give a single lonely fuck about Darksiders 2’s too-twisted tale. The characters are bland and forgettable, with Death being the most shallow protagonist I have seen in a long time. Sure, he looks cool. But that ain’t everything (Ladies…). The supporting characters are dull and only exist to let you know such useful info as “In order to save War, you must get the three glowing whatevers”, and ” Ah, you brought back the whatevers, Beard Dude would love to talk to you, he is having a problem collecting enchanted whatzits.” I love a game with a good story. Darksiders 2 isn’t one of them. Instead, treat it like a Super Nintendo rental: some stuff will get in the way of you smashing dudes from time to time, but it probably isn’t for you. You’ll understand it when you’re older.

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Guest writer Justin Talks Deserts, Dubai, and Heart of Darkness in his review of Spec Ops: The Line!

Go watch the commercial for Spec Ops: The Line. Go on. I’ll wait.

Ya done? Good.

Let’s be honest; it looks like an advertisement for Call of Duty: Michael Bay Warfare. Not to say that there is anything wrong with Call of Duty: Bay Ops, it’s just that the AAA[1] video game industry seems to be flooded with similar titles. They’re fun, but the bland kind one might get from drinking a 2L bottle of Coke: It’s good at first, but halfway through you’re only finishing it because there’s still more left, and when finished, all you’re left with is a headache and vague sense of shame. Then you die from the gigantic plastic bottle you just ingested.

However, I kept getting recommendations. Not the: “Oh man, this kicks more ass than doing a keg stand over a pool of Jager Bombs!” kinda recommendations, but more like what a film buff would say when recommending that someone watch Silence of the Lambs. So I bought the game, and lo and behold; Spec Ops: the Line is the best cover-based third person shooter (interactive media might be a better descriptor) that I have ever played.

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The Rogues Gallery: Game Developers Conference, Movie News, and MASS EFFECT!!!

This week’s post is chock-full of delicious auditory goodness!! This week the guys gather ’round to discuss the latest news from Game Developers’ Conference, as well as the usual sporadic tangents on whatever comes to mind.

But that’s not all! In our second segment, we discuss whether the third time’s the charm for making a good Mixed Martial Arts fighting game in UFC Undisputed 3, and we invite a special guest voice on as our friend Gui and Nick tag-team review MASS EFFECT 3!!!!!

Audio MP3

Total Runtime (Part 1): 01h02m33s
1m35s – 13m45s: (News – Chronicle Director in Talks to Direct Venom Movie)
13m46s – 23m21s: (Censorship, Ender’s Game, and South Carolina)
23m30s – 35m25s: (Diablo 3 and Guild Wars II Beta Discussion)
35m31s – 55m00s: (GDC News: Real-Time Rendering of the FUTURRRRREEEEE, the Kara Tech Demo breaks our hearts, Cross-Platform developing half-assery, and how you can buy Nvidia’s newest graphic card for the low-low price of your immortal soul)

Audio MP3

Total Runtime (Part 2): 48m36s

0:00-30m18s (Mass Effect 3)
30m18s-48m36s (UFC Undisputed 3)

Also, as a bonus, here’s the video footage of a couple of the tech demos we talked about in Part 1:

Kara Tech Demo

NVIDIA Real-Time Rendering Graphics Demo