Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Far Cry 3 – 17 – Overkill is Underrated

Sandy and Vince tackle the Kick The Hornets Nest mission. Remember kids: don’t do drugs. Especially while sniping. Or on fire. Or both.

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Far Cry 3 – Ep16 – Dolores The Unfortunate

In this episode of C&L, Vince goes hunts his prey using the classiest of weapons:
His trusty 1984 Gremlin! Dolores is BACK, MUTHAFUCKAS.

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Far Cry 3 – Episode 10: Heisen-bison

) New C&L up on The Rogues’ Gallery’s YouTube channel!

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Far Cry 3 – Episode 8: Something Something Discretion Is Advised

Sorry about the impromptu hiatus folks! Hopefully things don’t get too crazy on the back end here anytime soon so we can continue putting up episodes on a regular schedule again!

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid (Far Cry 3) – Episode 3 – Dolores: The Revenge

Just in time to close out 2013, the newest episode of C&L is now live on our YouTube channel! I’m thinking someone upstairs is not a fan of Sandy, because Rook Island is giving him a hell of a time this week…


Geek Spiel – Too Big For Their Britches Part 2: When The Walls Come Tumbling Down (And How to Stop Them)

 Last time on Geek Spiel I talked about the problem that a lot of games are having. Namely, that despite being stuffed with enough side quests and collectibles to keep a gamer occupied ’til doomsday, they lack the internal structure to incite a desire in the player to complete everything. Today, we’ll take a look at how some development companies (and even publishers!) are turning the tide to create lasting, compelling gameplay experiences.

 It’s The Journey, Not The Destination


It seems evident to me that a lot of designers take a goal-oriented approach to their projects. However, despite the obsessive worship that the pursuit of goals seems to be get these days, it may not be the best tact to take in putting together a game. Don’t get me wrong; there’s something to be said for the satisfying feeling of accomplishment that comes from defeating a particular boss, or finding a hidden collectible, but if the actual process of doing so isn’t fun and engaging, why should someone persist long enough to reach the end point? In actuality, there’s a considerable body of scientific literature about how focusing too much on the reward for a task can actually diminish the intrinsic sense of enjoyment from that task.

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