Geekly World News – March 10, 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of Geekly World News, our round-up of all the biggest news from the world of comics, video games, movies, and more. Today we’re talking about Marvel’s Iron Fist, Microsoft’s Hololens, and Disney’s Big Hero 6.

Marvel’s upcoming Netflix show Iron Fist has found its leading man in Finn Jones, who you might recognize as Ser Loras Tyrell from HBO’s Game of Thrones. The casting for this role has been the subject of much speculation and debate. While the character of Danny Rand has always been portrayed as white, a number of people were hoping that an Asian man would be chosen to play him for a variety of reasons (there are plenty of articles online about this topic if you want to know more). For my part, I think it could work either way depending on how the issue of race is handled in the story. Marvel Studios’ casting has been excellent so far, so I’m certainly willing to see how it turns out before passing judgement.
Finn Jones

Finn Jones

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Friend of the Rogues, Colin, takes the stage for a Guest Review of Maleficient!

Maleficent is a triumphant story of rape survival and recovery. It’s a movie that strides boldly away from expectations, at the expense of depth in the supporting cast.


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Heavy Meta – Animation: More Human Than Human


Newest edition of Vince’s column ‘Heavy Meta’ is now LIVE over at Lounge Geeks! This week, he examines nostalgia for traditional animation, and what it can tell us about making characters feel ‘real.’ Check it out!


Geek Spiel: What Star Wars Can Learn From Redwall


A recent piece of news stated that not only will Harrison Ford be returning to the Star Wars franchise, but that Han Solo will be having a “major role” in the new films. This, along with this particular cast photo:

…are some of the first inklings we’ve been given about existing characters returning in the J.J. Abrams directed sequels. This scarcity of information led some fans to theorize that the new movies would draw upon the plentiful material from the Star Wars Expanded Universe (SWEU). Many of the books in the expanded universe contain characters and storylines that rival Han, Luke, and Keia in terms of the devotion of their fanbase. Continue reading

Cutscenes to Silver Screens: Team Fortress 2

Look around the gaming scene, and it’s unlikely you’ll find a more beloved gaming franchise than Team Fortress 2. Since its release in 2007, TF2 has continued to be a cash cow for Valve, despite going free-to-play in the past few years. A big part of this is that the game is bursting at the seams with personality. Despite the main characters only being known by their class designations, each is a colourful and unique entity. Part of this is the amazing voice acting by guys like Gary Schwartz, Dennis Bateman, and John Dennis Lowrie, and part of it is the quirky art style that’s become the game’s signature. The world of TF2, limited as it is by way of story, leaps off the screen and into the hearts of gamers everywhere. Is it any wonder that fans have been tearing down the walls waiting for a feature film?Though a TF2 movie might still be a glimmer in Gabe Newell’s eye, I thought it’d be fun to take a whack at it in this week’s edition of Cutscenes to Silver Screens!

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Geek Spiel – The Most Neglected Hero There Is: Hulk and Movie Adaptations

hulk sad

“Why Hulk get no love?” I know for me, and for many whom I’ve spoken to, one of the most pleasant surprises of Marvel’s The Avengers was Mark Ruffalo’s turn as Bruce Banner/The Hulk. After much beloved actor Ed Norton was unceremoniously removed from the role, many questioned whether Ruffalo would have the chops to pull off the nuances of Banner’s inner struggle with the beast that has so entrenched itself as a part of his identity. In my opinion, Ruffalo pulled off the role with grace and aplomb, and the decision to model the Hulk using motion capture effects similar to those used with Andy Serkis in his performance as Gollum succeeded where I felt previous iterations failed: making Hulk feel like an organic extension of Banner’s character.

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Because I Feel Like It Reviews: Disney’s Frozen

Ever since John Lasseter ascended to nigh-godhood as the overlord of all things Disney Animation, his former fiefdom, Pixar, has been in somewhat of a slump. While not making horrible films, offerings such as Brave, Cars 2, and Planes have fallen far from the standard set by the likes of The Incredibles and Toy Story. The opposite side of this coin is that it seems the films made by Disney animation proper have been likewise improving, as indicated by Tangled, as well as the colourful and imaginative Wreck-It Ralph. Disney’s latest, Frozen, continues this positive trend, offering a fun-filled ride with breathtaking musical numbers, hilarious writing, and a surprisingly (in a good way) feminist message for the young lasses in the audience.

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