This Week, The Rogues Know It Feels Good to Be Bad: Bring on the Villains!

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This week, James, Noah & Vince expound at length about their favorite bad guys, with some help from YOU, the fans! Enjoy!

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00 – 53:35 –> We go down the nominations for favorite villains from members of Fitocracy’s forums
  • 53:35 – End –> The guys go ’round the table for their Top 5 Villains from any media! Listen for the musical break to find the segment division.

What did you guys think? Were there any villains we forgot that you wanted to hear more about? Sound off about your favorite purveyors of villainy in the comments, and Like us on Facebook for more geeky goodness!

Geek Spiel: What BBC’s Sherlock Means for Comic Book Adaptations

┬áSo the BBC’s contemporary take on the famous detective has taken off with a bang

Cumberbatch and Freeman: Seen here opening the floodgates for TV comic adaptations.

in its second series, delivering two great episodes, and, to my delight, sticking with the 90-minute episode format. To me, this is perfect for the type of show that Sherlock is: a twisting, turning mystery with at least as many levels of complexity in the development of its characters’ relationships and personalities as it does the mysteries themselves. If one were to squeeze the type of content from one episode into the 42-minute format of a one-hour drama like Breaking Bad, it would be hard to imagine the transition being made without something being lost in the process. Not to disparage the format: it’s been the medium for the creation of some of modern-day TVs best stories like Justified, Luther, The Wire, and the aforementioned Breaking Bad. But for a world with as much history and many elements to be juggled, it may not be the right fit.

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