Cutscenes to Silver Screens: Team Fortress 2

Look around the gaming scene, and it’s unlikely you’ll find a more beloved gaming franchise than Team Fortress 2. Since its release in 2007, TF2 has continued to be a cash cow for Valve, despite going free-to-play in the past few years. A big part of this is that the game is bursting at the seams with personality. Despite the main characters only being known by their class designations, each is a colourful and unique entity. Part of this is the amazing voice acting by guys like Gary Schwartz, Dennis Bateman, and John Dennis Lowrie, and part of it is the quirky art style that’s become the game’s signature. The world of TF2, limited as it is by way of story, leaps off the screen and into the hearts of gamers everywhere. Is it any wonder that fans have been tearing down the walls waiting for a feature film?Though a TF2 movie might still be a glimmer in Gabe Newell’s eye, I thought it’d be fun to take a whack at it in this week’s edition of Cutscenes to Silver Screens!

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The Rogues`Gallery – Upcoming Film in 2013!!

This week, Sandy, James and Vince barrel onward into the new year, checking out some of the promising new releases that are coming out. In addition, Sandy dishes on his experiences with getting attacked by tigers, crocodiles, and pirates (Noah: Oh… my?) in Far Cry 3, James and Vince talk indie games Faster Than Light and Mark of the Ninja.


On the news side of things, our order of the triad discuss the demise of THQ and what this means for the AAA industry, and JJ Abrams getting tagged to direct Star Wars, Episode VII.

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