Geekly World News – February 13, 2016

Welcome back to Geekly World News, our round-up of all the biggest news from the world of comics, video games, movies, and more. Today we’ve got news about Batman v SupermanHarry Potter, and Star Trek. Read on!

The final trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been released, and it’s quite a doozy. Until now I’ve merely been cautiously optimistic about the movie, but now I’m getting truly excited. I think this trailer does a really good job of making you want to see more, unlike the first trailer (which I found to be too dour) and the second trailer (which people have said reveals too much — I’ve managed to avoid it so far). Let’s hope my newfound excitement for the film is justified when it comes to theatres on March 25, 2016.

Vince reviews Red Wolf by Jennifer Dance

Another feature piece on The Bookshelf’s website, this time Vince checks out Red Wolf, a YA novel that tells the tragic struggle of an Anishnaabe boy, trying to survive and maintain his cultural identity within the residential school system. It was a fascinating read, and one of the first attempts I know of to discuss the difficult history of First Nations people in Canada with a younger audience.

Click through the image to check it out!Bookshelf Reviews: Red Wolf

Geek Spiel – Guilty Pleasures, Wrongly Accused: Why “Fun” Shouldn’t Be An Apology

Picture this scenario: you’ve just finished seeing your favorite big, summer blockbuster in theatres, and decide to meet up with some friends after. When asked what movie you saw, you tell them, only to receive looks similar to if you spontaneously grew a head out of your armpit that began singing broadway show tunes. The average opinion within your cadre is that said movie was crappy at best, and “utter trashdick” (hey, their words, not mine) at worst. For several minutes, to try in futility to defend the things you found good about it, but after being driven back by hordes of cynical derision, you relent to your only remaining weapon:

“Aww, c’mon guys, it was FUN…”

I think it’s reasonable to say that at some point, most of us have encountered a similar situation. You reveal one of your “guilty pleasures”, be it your love of low-budget 80s action films, the secret ABBA playlist that shall never be named, or that stack of Vampire Diaries books on your shelf, and eventually reach the point where you acquire that telltale, self-effacing pout in your voice, and do the social equivalent of a wolf rolling over onto its back in order to appease a series of snarling, geeky maws.

"C'mon guys, I know the acting was bad, but Megan Fox was hot, right? Right? Guys?"

“C’mon guys, I know the acting was bad, but Megan Fox was hot, right? Right? Guys?”

But since when did “fun” become a white flag?

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The Geek Spiel Fave Five: Horror for Kids

 Happy October, loyal Rogues’ Gallery minions! In honour of our favorite month of ghouls and ghosts (undead Jesus nonwithstanding), I figured I’d take a different tact on the usual celebration of all things creepy and crawly that typically comes with the month that proudly bares the Octobear as its mascot.

Aww... who's a cute little Lovecraftian horror? YOU are!

Aww… who’s a cute little Lovecraftian horror? YOU are!

It’s not an uncommon opinion that movies and tv shows aimed towards kids have become more and more gentle over the years in response to the rise of a dedicated, adult audience for animation. An odd side effect of this, at least in North America, is that parents seem to be increasingly hesitant to allow their kids to be scared, disturbed, or troubled in any way by the programming they watch. Personally I think this is tragic. Horror was one of the most important teachers of my childhood. Learning that it was okay to be scared, facing your fears, and doing what was right despite being afraid are some of the more important lessons kids can learn, and denying them the chance to do so through spooky, scary stories, I think, will only leave them emotionally unprepared for the unsettling elements of adult life. With that in mind, I thought it’d be cool to go over some of the stories that buck the trend of operating with the belief that kids are incapable of handling anything that isn’t soft, cuddly and safe. So without further ado, here are my Top 5 picks for Kid-Centred Horror!
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Geek Spiel: Five Cool Books You Might Not Have Tried

This week, I felt like taking a bit of a break from the usual deep, social commentary to address one of my other passions: talking about cool stuff that I love. As you, loyal reader, may not know, I’m fortunate enough to be a book reviewer for a local indie bookstore (for those interested, you can check out my reviews when they go up over *here*). As such, I have the chance to check out some titles that I might not have if I had to pay for them. Some turn out to be total dreck, but there are some pretty priceless gems in there too. Today, I want to share a couple of the awesome, lesser known books I’ve come across both there, and in the process of my own literary spelunking.

The Six-Gun Tarot by R.S. Belcher

The-Six-Gun-Tarot cover

Supernatural westerns are one of my favorite subgenres, and one that I feel like doesn’t get explored nearly as much as I’d like it to. Mix that in with Lovecraftian horror, and a deft combining of various different religious and mythical lore, and you’ve got a super-fun and novel read in the form of R.S. Belcher’s Six-Gun Tarot. Set in the town of Golgotha, it follows the tale of Jim, a young boy on the run from the law who finds himself under the protection of John Highfather, a man who seemingly can’t be killed, and his deputy, Mutt, the half-human son of the great storytelling deity, Coyote.

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Vince featured on Bookshelf Reviews!!

Vince recently put finger to word processor to take a look at Brian Harkaway’s take on the problems which face us as we wade deeper into the digital age, in The Blind Giant: Being Human in The Digital Age!!

Click through the image below to check it out!

On This Episode, The Rogues’ Gallery takes on Books WITHOUT Pretty Pictures!

In the first recording since the Rogues return from summer holiday, they discuss Prototype 2 and the state of the video game industry, and in our second segment, bust out a veritable forest of new books for you to check out. Also, shiny new theme song!

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Opening credit goes to The Diablo Swing Orchestra for their awesome song, “Balrog Boogie.”

The Rogues’ Gallery: Point Five Potluck!

Hey gang, we’ve had our ranks cut a bit this week by illness and midterms. But have no fear! The noble triad of Wes, Vince, and Noah arrive just in time with a bevy of hand-selected topics to whet your Thanksgiving tastes! Enjoy.

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