Seeing What Sticks w/ Vince and Nick – Episode 02 – Daredevil, Dark Souls, and Diversions

Holy crap! There’s an episode 2 of this? That’s right, folks! Nick and Vince catch up on the past 8 months and talk Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Daredevil Season 2, as well as a cavalcade of comedic tangents to keep you entertained!


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Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 23: Rolling is Winning

…and Plunging Attack is Best Attack.

Just in time for the holidays, James & Vince return to inflict grievous wounds and Christmas cheer on the denizens of the Catacombs.

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Bloodborne – 02: One More Time!

Vince discovers his latent hatred for fat guys in capes on this episode of our Bloodborne playthrough!

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Bloodborne – 01: The Next Generation

James does us a solid on this episode of C&L, allowing us to venture forth into the shieldless, victorian world of Bloodborne. Sandy may not be here, but he’s certainly with us in spirit.

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 11: SUCK IT, WIZARD.

Warlocks ruuuuuuule! James learns the finer arts of not being stabbed in the face, and tries his hand against the Belfry Gargoyles on this episode of C&L!

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 09: It Could Even Be a Boat!

James joins Sandy in complete game blindness in this episode, and Vince tries a new tactic: believing in Sandy’s abilities. This should be good.

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 08: The Ballad of the Drake Sword

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold, here comes James and he’s in control! The gents venture off towards the Undead Parish with a song in their hearts and dragon slaying on their minds.

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 05 – Blue Tauren Testosterone

Sandy takes a sightseeing tour of Undead Burg (like Pittsburgh but less shitty) on this episode, the guys take on the Taurus Demon, and learn the dangers of pursuing natural male enhancement.

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 04: Sobbing Intensifies

Sandy makes lots of new friends in this episode of C&L. Including Havel, Jamie the flaming barrel, and Undead Elvis. Also, Vince has a song in his heart, and we learn the ballad of Undead Mook Frank.

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 02: I’M INVINCIBLE

On today’s episode, Sandy takes many roads less traveled; exploring Lordran’s tourist hotspots: The Valley of the Drakes, New Londo, and Blighttown.