Geek Spiel: Enough Is Too Much

Justice League

With the news that Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman and Ray Fisher will be making an appearance as Cyborg, it seems like a foregone conclusion that Zack’s Snyder’s Batman vs Superman movie is rapidly becoming a Justice League movie. While some might be excited for the long-awaited JLA to make their first-ever live-action, big screen appearance, I can’t help but think that the way this whole project is coming about is a horrible idea, and quickly becoming in danger of careening towards disaster.

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WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Episode 5 – Avengers vs X-Men and Superior Spidey #1


This week, we mark the return of The Rogues’ Gallery’s best (and only) comic book podcast, as Noah and Sandy take the reins and discuss the lead up to and fallout of the Avengers vs X-Men crossover, and talk about what happens when Doc Ock gets to joyride around in the body of Peter Parker in the inaugural issue of the new Superior Spider-Man series from Marvel NOW!
Enjoy, and please be sure to give us your feedback in the comments below!

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This Week on The Rogues’ Gallery: An avalanche of cartoon, TV, and summer movies, plus Sandy and Noah review Cabin In The Woods!

Here at the Rogues’ Gallery, we commit ourselves to only get angry about the things that REALLY matter. So this week, we throw down on such important issues as Bane’s pimp coat, Battleship, and eviscerating the war crime that is Ultimate Spiderman. Check it!

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Running time: 01:32:52

Young Justice (0m51s-10m35s)

Community (10m35s-13m30s)

Sandy and Noah’s Cabin In The Woods Review (13m38s-21m05)

Avengers Cartoon (21m05s-24m38s)

Nick, Noah and Sandy discuss Game of Thrones Season 2 (24m38s-32m13s)

Nick takes on the Diablo III Beta! (32m13s-39m37s)

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Redux (39m37s-50m03s)

Noah and Vince tear Ultimate Spider-Man A New One (50m03s-1h03m31s)

Summer Movie Extravaganza!! Amazing Spider-Man, Men In Black 3, Dark Knight Rises, and Battleship (1h03m31s-End)