NEW PODCAST! ‘Seeing What Sticks’ w/ Vince and Nick!

Remember back in the day with The Rogues’ Gallery did podcasts. Pepperidge Farms remembers. Basically. this week is absolutely nuts with schoolwork, so C&L is taking a week off. That being said, it would suck you leave you guys with NOTHING, so myself and perennial friend of the Rogues Nick H got together to shoot the shit about the week in geek. We talk: Just Cause 3 getting announced, various anime and “fan service: yay or nay?”, Dungeon of the Endless, our feelings on Legend of Korra so far, and much more!

Seeing What Sticks Podcast – Episode 1

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi – 02: Vince Loses It

In this episode of C&L, Vince gets his karmic backlash for the torture he put Sandy through in Dark Souls. And you get to watch!

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi – 01: Press Square to Cutscene

Shan and Vince dive headfirst into the blistering kung-fu action of the third-person fighter. Or DO THEY.

Geek Spiel – The Anime N00b: Attack on Titan (Episode 8-16)

SPOILER WARNING: As usual, warning up top that this article WILL contain spoilers for the included episodes of Shingeki No Kyojin. Beware all ye who enter here.

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Because I Feel Like It Reviews: An Anime N00b’s take on Attack on Titan (Episodes 1-7)

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Episodes 1-7 of Attack on Titan. If you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t want the events spoiled for you, here’s your chance to click away, watch it, and come back. Which you totally should. Because it’s actually a really good show.

I’m not normally a big fan of anime. While so many I watch have cool elements and ideas, too many of the tropes bug me. For example, too often the philosophical underpinnings of the show eventually get thrown aside when it’s discovered that the motivation for the villain is the “QUEST FOR ULTIMATE POWAAAAAAH” or somesuch, and the use of “chibi” or cartoonish expressions of emotion in otherwise serious shows takes me out of it so much that I stop watching. That being said, I couldn’t stop hearing amazing things about Attack on Titan (in Japan: Shingeki no Kyojin) from everyone I spoke to, so finally decided to marathon the first season. I was pleasantly surprised!

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Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Okami HD – Episode 2: Back to the ’90’s

Shan and Vince wax nostalgic for the decade of boy bands and Legend of Zelda as we continue on our heavily inked adventure.

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Okami HD – Episode 1: Stereotype Bingo

Podcast veteran and anime aficionado Shanleigh joins Vince in checking out the HD remake of much-beloved Capcom franchise, Okami! Or… they will once this INTERMINABLE CUTSCENE FINISHES.

Because I Feel Like It Reviews w/ Vince: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood – The Complete Series

 I was introduced to Japanese animation in the anime surge of the eighties and nineties, and like most kids of the geeky persuasion who grew up in those decades, I latched onto such fondly remembered favorites as Dragonball Z, Robotech and Gundam Wing. But as I grew older I found myself having problems with the certain narrative style anime tended to have, in that most of it was overly angsty and dramatic, taking forever for anything of importance to actually happen.

Aside from a few exceptions and a love of Hayao Miyazaki, I’ve largely kept the same feelings to this day. So it puts me in an interesting (if awkward) place in reviewing Brotherhood, which to me is a series with a number of promising ideas and relationships, amazing animation, and an interesting aesthetic, but that stumbles in a number of ways which keep it from being truly great.

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