Geekly World News – March 10, 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of Geekly World News, our round-up of all the biggest news from the world of comics, video games, movies, and more. Today we’re talking about Marvel’s Iron Fist, Microsoft’s Hololens, and Disney’s Big Hero 6.

Marvel’s upcoming Netflix show Iron Fist has found its leading man in Finn Jones, who you might recognize as Ser Loras Tyrell from HBO’s Game of Thrones. The casting for this role has been the subject of much speculation and debate. While the character of Danny Rand has always been portrayed as white, a number of people were hoping that an Asian man would be chosen to play him for a variety of reasons (there are plenty of articles online about this topic if you want to know more). For my part, I think it could work either way depending on how the issue of race is handled in the story. Marvel Studios’ casting has been excellent so far, so I’m certainly willing to see how it turns out before passing judgement.
Finn Jones

Finn Jones

Microsoft has given a first glimpse at some of the software and games that will come packaged with its HoloLens augmented reality headset. On the software side, we’ll have Skype, HoloStudio (for creating 3D objects), and HoloTour (for viewing 360-degree panoramas). As for games, there will be Fragments (a crime drama), Young Conker (a platformer), and RoboRaid (a first-person shooter). The Verge has more details on each of these. While I can’t say I picture myself being an early adopter of this new technology, I definitely can’t wait to try it out.

Good news for Big Hero 6 fans – the story that began in the hit movie of 2014 will continue in an upcoming TV show on Disney XD in 2017. The new show will be executive produced by Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, the creators of Kim PossibleNicholas Filippi, who also worked on Kim Possible, will take on the role of supervising director. Fans of that show can tell you that this is great news. While a feature-length sequel would have been nice, I’m really excited that we’ll be getting more stories from San Fransokyo featuring Baymax and company.
Big Hero 6

Are you going to check out the Big Hero 6 TV show? Are you excited for HoloLens and the augmented reality future barreling towards us? Are you happy with the casting of Finn Jones as Iron Fist or were you hoping for someone else? Let us know in the comments below!

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