The Rogues’ Gallery – Potluck: The Sequel

This week we took a break from our more structured format, and everyone brought in a topic of their own from what they’d been watching, reading or playing as of late, and this hearty stew is what resulted.

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Total Runtime: 1h18m

Here’s a breakdown of what we talked about this week, for those of you who’d like to fast-forward to the thread most relevant to your interests:

-Baldur’s Gate returns!

-The Rogues discuss the need for better distribution of entertainment media, and how it relates to piracy (6m00s)

-Grant Morrison goes off the rails (again) in Action Comics (16m10s)

-TV Overload! (Breaking Bad, Misfits, WakFu, Transformers Prime Season 2, Sons of Anarchy, and Sherlock!) (23m45s)

-Vince reviews Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (56m16s)

-The new Avengers and Prometheus trailers (1h04m)

Warning Graphic Content: No Tights, No Flights

Some people feel like they’re too GOOD for muscular men in catsuits enacting male power-fantasies! PSHAW, I SAY! But for the sake of indulging them, Noah and Vince trot out some of their favorites from the non-superhero sect of comic books.

You high-falutin’ fancy pantses enjoy, after the jump:

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Warning: Graphic Content – The DC New 52

With all this hubbub about the DC New Universe, Noah and Vince try their hands at a couple of the new titles, and see what they think. Enjoy, after the jump:

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Warning: Graphic Content – So Kid, You Wanna Read Comics?

For our first rodeo, Noah and Vince knock out a few of our personal favorites that we think provide a good gateway drug into a great medium. Check it! 🙂

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