C&L Scheduling Update

Hey Roguenauts!

Just a heads-up that going forward, Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid will be posting on a twice weekly schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to make way for some new content that we’re going to be rolling out in the next couple months.

Hope you’ll join us as we enter a new (and hopefully awesome) era of The Rogues Gallery!

The Rogues’ Gallery Podcast – E3 2014, now with 100% more Nick H!

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Nick H joins Sandy and Vince via Skype to discuss the ups and downs of E3 2014, as well as to give their top 3 games of the conference. Check it out, let us know your thoughts on the show, and toss a Like our way on our Facebook Page!

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This week on The Rogues’ Gallery podcast, The Prodigal Son, Wes, returns to the fold!

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Joined by the long-absent member of the original five, Shan and Vince kick the tires on our fancy new mic with a really interesting discussion on the tricky subject of introducing cultural mythologies into media (movies, games, etc), as well as geeking out on a number of subjects, including, but not limited to:

  • The awesomeness that is Suits, and why watching it will immediately make you a better person.
  • Shan brings us up on the season premier of Avatar: The Legend of Korra
  • VIDJA GAMES!! We talk Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Infamous: Second Son, and Beyond: Two Souls.


This episode on the Rogues’ Gallery: The World’s Finest (Batman & Superman combo-show)!

This week it’s a decidedly smaller show, as Sandy and Vince sit down to discuss one of the most storied friendship in comics history. Also on the docket: the internet controversy that is Batfleck, Wonder Woman vs The Glass Ceiling, and whether you could make a kick-ass investigative journalism comic starring Lois Lane.


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This week, the Rogues go where no man has gone before! It’s the Star Trek special, w/ returning guest Anne!

We figured with Star Trek: Into Darkness making a massive splash in theatres, we’d take a chance to look in-depth at one of the original big fandoms, what makes it so prolific, and where those who’d like to get into it can jump on with regard to the series and movies. And of course, the crew has a few choice words for a certain Mr. Abrams….

NOTE: Spoiler Alert for Star Trek: Into Darkness after the 1 hour mark

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Geek Spiel – Too Big For Their Britches: When Games Outlast Their Mechanics

 Despite huge sales, AAA game developers and publishers continue to struggle to turn a consistent profit. Between the used game market, rental services, and piracy chipping away at the bottom line, huge budgets and years of time investment make it difficult to earn money back,. Some publishers have taken draconian measures (such as Microsoft’s infamous DRM decisions for the upcoming Xbox One; since being rescinded), but others have taken a more gamer friendly approach by cramming their games with enough content that even the most frugal of players can feel that they’re getting their money’s worth when they drop $60 on a game.

The quality of this content, however, is greatly variable. The quest to extend the amount of gameplay as much as possible has led to many halfhearted multiplayer modes, poorly realized open worlds, and an abundance of uninspired “go here, kill this”/fetch quests. It’s not to say that any of these chosen mechanics are bad in and of themselves when done well, but that they have become shorthand for “we can make our game last longer by doing this.” Such a quantity over quality gameplay approach is easily noticed by players, and soon developers are left scratching their heads as to why their games aren’t selling as well as they could.

I know the world’s in jeopardy and all, but I’m REEEEEALLY gonna need you to get me those 50 bear asses.

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Stay tuned as The Rogues’ Gallery goes nuts on TV!!

On this episode, friend of the Rogues’ Shan joins Noah, Sandy, and Vince as they all discuss their favorite TV shows, new and old. Also included are discussions of predatory birds attacking politicians, why Rob Ford is a fuckhead, and Robert Downey Jr’s ironic childhood comic book hatred.

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DmC: Devil May Cry Review and Discussion, with special guest Shan!

This week, Vince sits down with good friend of the Rogues, Shanleigh, to discuss the controversial remake of the beloved Devil May Cry series, covering everything from level design and gameplay, to bad one-liners and booty short conspiracies.

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What did you think of Ninja Theory’s reboot of the series? Good? Bad? Blasphemous? Let us know in the comments below!

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Episode 5 – Avengers vs X-Men and Superior Spidey #1


This week, we mark the return of The Rogues’ Gallery’s best (and only) comic book podcast, as Noah and Sandy take the reins and discuss the lead up to and fallout of the Avengers vs X-Men crossover, and talk about what happens when Doc Ock gets to joyride around in the body of Peter Parker in the inaugural issue of the new Superior Spider-Man series from Marvel NOW!
Enjoy, and please be sure to give us your feedback in the comments below!

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