NEW PODCAST! ‘Seeing What Sticks’ w/ Vince and Nick!

Remember back in the day with The Rogues’ Gallery did podcasts. Pepperidge Farms remembers. Basically. this week is absolutely nuts with schoolwork, so C&L is taking a week off. That being said, it would suck you leave you guys with NOTHING, so myself and perennial friend of the Rogues Nick H got together to shoot the shit about the week in geek. We talk: Just Cause 3 getting announced, various anime and “fan service: yay or nay?”, Dungeon of the Endless, our feelings on Legend of Korra so far, and much more!

Seeing What Sticks Podcast – Episode 1

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 13: That’s a Poop Pie

Today on This Lordranian Life, we listen to the tale of Larry, the 223-day sober Infested Barbarian and devoted father who fights his inner demons using his passion for throat singing and beating adventurers into a fine paste.

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Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – 12: …With a Little Help From My Friends

Today, James lays the smackdown on the Gargoyles with an assist from everyone’s favorite Sunbro and… some guy we found in an alley. From there, the Rogues are headed down down to Blighttown.

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Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – The Darkness II – 02: Shan Gets a Reference

Kind of. We take vampire politeness and assassination by process of elimination as Shan learns the finer points of dual-wielding shadow demons.

C&L Scheduling Update

Hey Roguenauts!

Just a heads-up that going forward, Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid will be posting on a twice weekly schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to make way for some new content that we’re going to be rolling out in the next couple months.

Hope you’ll join us as we enter a new (and hopefully awesome) era of The Rogues Gallery!

Vince makes his Fight Correspondent Debut on Inside the Locker!

Does what it says on the tin! The Rogues have finally gotten sick enough of Vince bringing up UFC all the damn time, that he’s had to take his acumen for fight breakdowns over to One of Us for his recurring segment, The Corner Man.

Inside the Locker is a sports podcast BY geeks, FOR geeks, hosted by veteran web writer and all around super-cool dude, Brian Salisbury, as well as Adam Charles and Elliot Fontinette, breaking down the news and stories from both the geek and sports worlds in one whirlwind of hilarity. Click through the link to check it out!

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Far Cry 3 – 28: Sandy’s Undercover Bear

Sandy and Vince return to Rook Island for the first time in a while, and discuss their pitch for a show with a bear as an undercover cop, TeeFury, and Jewish moms.

Oh. Also pirate slaughter. But you probably guessed that already.

Cupcakes & Lighter Fluid – Dark Souls – Episode 01 – NOPENOPENOPENOPE

Sandy is flying blind at the controls of From Software’s beloved action-RPG. Good thing he has James and Vince to guide him!

I’m sure this will end well.

The Rogues’ Gallery Podcast – E3 2014, now with 100% more Nick H!

E3 image

Nick H joins Sandy and Vince via Skype to discuss the ups and downs of E3 2014, as well as to give their top 3 games of the conference. Check it out, let us know your thoughts on the show, and toss a Like our way on our Facebook Page!

Audio MP3

The Rogues’ Gallery Podcast – Salgood Sam Part 2!

Salgood Sam Pt2DreamLife-Book1

The exciting conclusion of Vince’s interview with journeyman comics author and talented artist Salgood Sam! On this episode, he talks testing for DC, working for Marvel, and the trials and tribulations of working in the comics industry in the ’90s.

Check it out!

Audio MP3